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Drone or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technology has evolved rapidly in recent years. Significant improvements in safety, quality, and image quality have made drone photography and videography accessible to consumers. FAA-certified drone pilots can now work in nearly any location. So what does this mean for businesses? High-quality aerial photography and videography are now being produced for usage in high-value marketing material, construction, real estate, and events.

Real Estate Photography RI

Drone photography and videography are two of the best ways to catch the eye of prospective buyers on listing websites. Drone work is an effective tool for showcasing the story of a home. The home’s neighborhood, the acreage and lay of the land (beneficial for large properties), and a 360-degree view of the house can be shown without the potential buyer ever stepping foot on the property. These benefits significantly increase the quality and attractiveness of a listing to potential buyers.

Business Drone Video

High-quality video production combined with drone shots adds immeasurable authority to a business’s marketing material. Video has cemented itself as the most compelling storytelling medium that, at the same time, is easiest to digest for potential customers. Drone video and photography can be utilized for print, web advertisement, and social media posts to create more appealing visuals.

Drone Construction Progress

Aerial photos and videos can be invaluable to construction projects. Having monthly or quarterly aerial images taken can help monitor progress for development teams and investors to ensure a project is moving along smoothly. Drone photography can also be utilized to create high-resolution maps and survey the land before breaking soil.

Wedding Drone Videography

An aerial video of your ceremony adds an unprecedented cinematic and magical quality to your wedding video. Aerial shots can highlight and capture the beautiful setting of your wedding, similar to a Hollywood film. Drone Video is best for weddings in large outdoor venues such as vineyards on the ocean.

The addition of aerial video and photography can take any project to the next level. If you have a project or event that can benefit from our drone services, click the button below; we are looking forward to speaking with you.

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