Why we do what we do.

I am the son of a Navy man, so traveling and exploring is in my DNA.  Traveling the globe taught me many valuable life lessons that you just can’t learn in books.  How to treat people, understanding other cultures, having a vision, ignoring criticism, being courageous and facing your fears head-on, are some of the many lessons life has taught me.

Building a company out of an idea is one of the greatest gifts that capitalism can give anyone.  We should not fear capitalism because of a few bad eggs, but rather embrace capitalism whole-heartedly.  Capitalism has lifted many, many people out of poverty, and given countless immigrants the life, and sometimes the fortune, they have been dreaming about.

I am a capitalist to my core, and believe in the system that allows ANYONE to achieve their dreams.

Who We Are?

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I am a traveler, lover of coffee, Red Sox fan, live streamer, Internet fan, drone pilot and all around good guy.

Shane B


Nomad Web Solutions is an incredibly creative and talented company. The Westerly Land Trust initially engaged with Shane on the development of our Trails App, which was wildly successful and is helping us connect to more people out on the land. Once this project was completed, we embarked on a full website redesign, and Shane focused on every detail, helping us create a dynamic, interactive, and beautiful website which raises the land trust’s visibility and adds to our engagement efforts. We are incredibly proud of the final product and would recommend Nomad Web Solutions to anyone looking to upgrade their digital communications.